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Heel Clean (A,B,C, TYPE)

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Heel Clean (A,B,C, TYPE)


The heel is confirmed to become moist in wearing after the independent air bubble neoprene is specially processed with the tourmaline radiating the negative ion and the far infrared ray.
With the excellent elasticity and wearing sense, whoever may wear and expeccially it is good at the prevention of horn



  • A ,B Type [Size] : M, L
  • C Type [Size] : M, L, XL
  • [Material] Neoprene, polyester(tourmaline processing


What do you do to keep in shape?
The 21C is the wellbeing age when the nature and the human being is central and everyone pursues to the healthy life. It is regardless to say that losing the health means losing everything.
When I worked at Busan Zoo as the curator, I was interested in and studied about the report that Japanese Animal Society had extended the life of exhibited animals with the therapy of the far infrared ray and the negative ion. And then I have developed a few of functional living supplies and health supplies as paying attention to the peculiar function of the far infrared ray and the negative ion effective to human body, been approved by the domestic and foreign public-certified laboratories and exported them to all parts of the world to get the favorable comments. And these, as the medical instruments acquiring the permission for manufacturing and the permission of item from Korea
Food & Drug Administration, are confidently recommended by Ceralon Healthtec. Especially, regarding to the Tourmaline material, Tourmaline mine the function of tourmaline, the actual living products related to food, clothing and shelter is being applied and developed. I promise to try our best to develop better product and make the bountiful and healthy society through the academic-industrial cooperation based on the scientific and medical principle to contribute to the health improvement of human. Thanks